Charity Auctioneer & Master of Ceremonies

David Collins has over 30 years experience as a Charity Auctioneer, Master of Ceremonies, and Toastmaster and is also the Founder of The Master of Ceremonies Club.

David is acknowledged as Doyen of Toastmasters and is at the top of his profession, working at a range of events from Auctioneer at Charity Auctions, Toastmaster at Weddings and Parties to Master of Ceremonies at State banquets. He’s booked directly by the Hotels, Venues, Agents, Party Planners and The Clients, and regularly works in the West End and the City of London and Internationally.

David is acted as Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies at over Forty State Banquets and Return state Banquets and 21 Lord Mayors Banquets including The Emperor of Japan, freedom of The City of London with Nelson Mandela,The Presidents of Russia, China, Mexico, Poland, Three South African Presidents, France Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Amir of Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and at over 250.

Charity Auctioneer

David has acted as Charity Auctioneer at many events over a 30 year period. Notably The Thatcher Foundation with doctor Henry Kissinger.  Many Charity Balls including Television and Radio Industry’s Club, Break Through Breast Cancer,TRIC Christmas Lunch, Property Awards, Fragrance Foundation & Red Cross etc.

Royal Events as Master of Ceremonies


- HM Queens 80th birthday Luncheon
- HM The Queen Mothers 100th birthday celebration Luncheon at the Guildhall
- HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s 80th Party celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall with over 3,00 guests
- The duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace
- HRH Prince of Wales 50th Birthday reception
- Dinner at Spencer House
- 100th Anniversary of The Olympics with HM Queen an the Prime Minister.

Celebrity Events and Parties as Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

David has introduced many Stars and at many different locations including Birthday Party’s just recently Simon Cowell’s 50th, Sir Bruce Forsyth’s 80th, Sir Philip Greens Birthday in The Maldives.

Charity balls including the International Red Cross Ball in Geneva, Save the Children Festival of Trees at The Natural History Museum, 50th Anniversary of the Variety Club of GT Britain,

Television shows and awards including What the Papers Say, The South Bank Show, The Baftas, Evening Standard Theatre Awards and film and television.

Weddings include HM King Constantine of Greece’s daughter, Cheryl and Ashley Cole, Thierry Henry, Michael Carrick, Ian Poulter, Ben Elton, James Major, John Prescott Junior.